Great Coffee Company Story

What is better than a great cup of coffee to start the day regardless if your day is on the ranch, the office, or the home.

“Through her work Carrie tells the familiar stories of the West, stories of cowboys and cowgirls and horses and the infinite sky. Her dramatic use of color and line set Carrie Fell apart from conventional Western art style. With deft drawing and bold color, she imparts life and feeling to her frequently faceless subjects, from longhorns to cowgirls.”  AskArt

Carrie brings her creative effort to her coffee. Great taste and aroma that you will enjoy everyday- all day. But Carrie is focused on more than just the taste. Here are the three ingrediants Carrie is focused on:

Great Coffee

We source, roast and grind only the world’s best beans and directly ships to you in packaging that honors the planet while sharing our profits with charitable organizations. We support craft, small batch roasters to provide coffee you will enjoy cup after cup. It is a one-of-a-kind cup of coffee you can delight in every single day.

Better for the Planet

All of our packaging and KCups are good for the planet. We spend a little extra time and money to ensure our products are sustainable. Please do not put our bags or KCups in your trash – they belong in your recycle bin or compost pile.

Fresher Than You’ve Ever Tasted

Having complete control of our process gives an opportunity to do something special. We offer more coffee per pod, roast it and then ship it directly to our customers. It’s a level of freshness that will surprise you.


Our coffee is roasted by specialty, craft roasters dedicated, committed and passionate about creating quality coffee.

Great coffee is an art form roasting the right blend beans to create the aroma and flavor our customers will enjoy forever. We consider the health of our planet and our customers by using only the best beans in earth friendly packages whenever possible. You will taste and smell the difference plus enjoy every cup even better because its healthy for our planet.

We help our planet and We help you support charities!

Our mission is simple: Provide great coffee, donate to worthy causes, and contribute to a sustainable planet.

Our Customers

Each and every one of our customers not only enjoys our coffee, but they also support projects for their kids, their church, or a charity they deeply care about.

Master Roaster

We select roasters that love their beans and know how to extract the best flavor so you will enjoy every cup of our coffee.


Not all our packages are recyclable, but we strive to provide the most Eco-friendly products possible at affordable pricing. We spend a little extra time and money to ensure our products reduce waste.

Why Us!

We want you to buy our great coffee from any of our brands to support our communities. When you drink a cup of our coffee, you know that a part of every dollar you spend provides support to someone in need.

High Quality Premium Coffee

We make great coffee! You, your team, family, friends, and co-workers will be surprised at how good our coffee is and will enjoy buying more every month..

Competitively Priced

Our pricing is very competitive for a premium coffee. When you consider the amount contributed to charity and the earth-friendly packaging, we provide an excellent price vs. quality price.

Great Customer Service

We ship quick and answers questions fast. Plus, we guarantee you will be satisfied or your money returned.