Carrie Fell Crafted Coffee

Freshly RoastED

Eco-Friendly KCups

Great Glavor & AROMA

Perfect for Every Day


Enjoy our craft coffees and give to A Precious Child. Our coffee is always fresh, perfectly roasted, with great aroma, and flavor. Our master roasters carefully create blends and roasts that you will enjoy all day, every day.


A Reason to Wake Up


Great Old West Style Coffee

Master roasters carefully crafted our coffee, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that you will enjoy everyday, all day.  Since almost 70% of us consume coffee, most of us more than once per day, we are excited to introduce Carrie Fell Crafted Coffee - a high quality, premium coffee you will enjoy cup after cup.

Our coffee is freshly brewed and shipped directly to you with the great aroma and wonderful taste you will enjoy with each brew. Plus, you will be supporting A Precious Child with donations made on every purchase.

Carrie Fell Premium Coffee

 Now you can enjoy Carrie’s excellent coffee and contribute to A Precious Child.

Carrie Fell

A native of Denver, Carrie Fell began her professional career as an artist in 1985. She studied interior design in college; remnants of the drawing style of design work are intrinsic to her art. Her use of color, line and negative space also reflect her early training.  Fell’s art hangs in the collections of individuals, corporations and institutions throughout North America and abroad.

A Precious Child

“We envision a future where every child grows up to be a secure, self-reliant, contributing member of their community.
With your support, A Precious Child is able to provide disadvantaged and displaced children with “Cradle to Career“ support to break the cycle of poverty by reducing socioeconomic inequalities.

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About Carrie Fell Premium Coffee

Carrie Fell Premium Coffee are craft coffee brands supporting fundraising for A Precious Child. We offer unique blends of carefully had crafted coffeees with  blends roasted from a wide variety of beans from across the planet to satisfy your taste buds.

Better Coffee

We support craft, small-batch roasters to provide coffee you will enjoy cup after cup. It is a one-of-a-kind cup of coffee you can delight in every single day.

Help Someone Else Every Day

Coffee is consumed everyday. When you purchase your coffee from us, you know you are helping someone else who needs a little extra.

Our subscription services make it easy to not only get your coffee every month, but also to continue supporting others.


Our goal is to reduce the pollution on mother earth.

You will find Eco-friendly products with recyclable packaging and unique KCups.

Unique K-CUP

Single Serve coffee was created for convenience and as  an easy and fast way to make a quick cup of coffee. However,  the taste was never as good as fresh coffee and the aroma is non-existent.

Our non-plastic KCups create a fresher flavor and aroma plastic cannot provide.


Every cup of coffee is better when you know you are supporting someone else. Since you probably drink coffee every day, purchase your coffee from Carrie Fell to support A Precious Child with every cup you drink. Carrie donates 25% of every purchase to support disadvantaged and displaced children.

High Quality

Make your day even better with our artisanal  coffee! Made from 100% fresh roasted beans!

Excellent Grinding

Our excellent coffee grinding is the best with a wide variety of grind options.

Awesome Aroma

Freshly-ground coffee beans and a touch of brown sugar create an irresistible aroma that just makes you smile.

Pure Grades

People love coffee for its taste, aroma, and the energy it gives us. That’s why the best quality beans are essential to a great cup of coffee.

Hand Picked Assortment

For the coffee lover who has everything, our hand-selected assortment of premium coffees has something for everyone.

Proper Roasting

Proper roasting of coffee beans is a must to ensure that they develop the rich aroma and taste we want in our coffee.

What Our Customer Say About Our Coffee

We have the cheap brands in our office next to Magnus Premium coffee. Our employees prefer Magnus by 4-1!


I love the autoship (Subscription) service. I drink about 1 cup per day so I have 30 KCUPS delivered every month. It’s always on time and I never have to worry.

There is something about decaf that works for me, especially in the afternoon and evenings. Good decaf that doesn’t taste burnt or dry is hard to find. Magnus Righteous Deceiver Decaf lives up to it’s name! IT’S GREAT ANYTIME!


We purchase Dark European, Revelations, and Hazelnut for out home. Magnus Hazelnut 3.0 is the best ever!